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At Almviks gård, the Krishna movement has been tending cows
according to the Vedic principal of cow-protection since
almost 40 years. Cow protection means taking care of the
cows in the best possible way to promote their health and
prosperity. We don't eat our cows and we let them retire
when they are no longer able to produce milk or work.

We have never sold a single cow or bull since the Krishna movement
acquired Almvik. We milk by hand and calves drink milk from
the udder until they are at least 6 (and often 8-10) months old.
Our cows and bulls are not bound to stalls but rather enjoy
freedom to move around inside the barn or to go out into the open all year around.


Cow protection is an essential part of the Vedic wisdom and entails a
symbiotic relationship between man and the cow. The cow, like our mother,
provides nourishing milk which according to the Veda is a
sine qua non for higher intelligence, a subtle source of strength

kornas vänner

Oxen, although replaced in modernity by the tractor, are naturally inclined
to plow the field with their bodily power and work in many capacities,
like our father, without whom there would be no calf or milk.
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